Rock Beings at Sedona’s Peace Park

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Panoramic View of Rock Beings at Peace Park, Sedona

Sedona is filled with vortexes and rock beings…I visited the town last week, while in the area to present as the Flagstaff Dowsers Conference. One of the sites that is particularly powerful is the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. The site features a Buddhist stupa and a Native American medicine wheel…and in the hills around many huge rock formations. Some of the formations have very distinct rock profiles and personalities.

Amitabha Stupa

The first site on entering the park is the Amitabha Stupa. This is a classic Buddhist design. What is unusual is the view of the large red sandstone rock beings.

Rock Beings Seen from Stupa

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel at Peace Park

Continue up the path beyond the stupa and you come to a classic Native American medicine wheel.

The medicine wheel is deeper into the cliffs and a variety of rock beings are on guard.

Chimney Rock

Bird Being in Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock is one of the more famous of the Sedona HooDoos (rock formations with images). See from this vantage point, the rock’s nature connection is very clear. Facing right is the rock image of a bird on guard.

Three Guardians Looking Left

Rock Profiles at Peace Park

This area is filled with protective beings. There are guardian beings on either side of the mountain.

Three Guardians Looking Right

Rock Beings at Peace Park

There are also guardians facing right – seen as well from the stupa.



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