Eagle Totem at Evans Notch

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Wayyyy up north in Maine, near the Canadian border, on Route 113, there is the lovely Evans Notch. It is the Easternmost notch through the White Mountains and is built along the path of an old logging trail. Viewed across the valley from the road is a popular scenic view of rugged cliffs and, in the fall, spectacular colors.

Evans Notch Panorama

This site is a favorite of my daughter-in-law Betsy; in her teen years she would drive up here to sit and reflect.

Eagle Totem at Evans Notch

The first thing I noticed on my visit was the noble profile of a Native American chief with an eagle headdress. Looked at another way you can see the full body of the eagle totem. The nature beings explained he was a revered chief, very much in harmony with nature, and this was the nature realm’s memorial bas relief.

Over on the left of the cliffside is the profile of a handsome young man, raptly listening to the chief’s wisdom.

Native American



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