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Heart for Eye

So many stories of love in the nature realms. So many ways love can be expressed.

I’ve collected some of my trove of love stories into a NEW LOVE ROOM in the Encyclopedia of Nature Beings.

Stories range from love of parent for child to love of partners even beyond death to generic universal love for all to good ol’ fashioned lust.

Long Shadows


Here’s one of the new stories in this new area:

The Protective Spirit

The family on this property is spiritually oriented and one of their members is having serious medical issues. One of the trees on the property manifested its physical reassurance – a long-haired spirit being supportively looking down, with a heart for an eye. Alas, the shadows are growing long on this situation. (right)

To the left is a photo of myself, photographing the tree. Notice the whitish aura emanating from the tree around the top part of my shadow, showing that the protective love of the spirit being is encompassing me as well…


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