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Angel of Death

Visual information that shouldn’t be there but is defines the school of “Glitch Art.” This is a category that has emerged in our digital age, originally as a description of aesthetic disruptions in computer processing.

The understanding of this term has expanded, as the concept of an intentional or unintentional glitch has been applied to other disciplines. Glitch Ecology Art is one such evolving category and is also extremely fluid in definition. This art form has as its base the exploration of deviations – glitches – in the environment.

I have further extended this concept as “Glitch Eco-Art Photography,” which includes images of non-human-lifeforms that are sometimes visible in trees and rocks. To some these images are pareidolia – surface glitches that the human mind construes as faces. I understand these to be dimensional glitches. They occur in locations where the solid veil between the human and the nature realms has thinned, or “glitched.” Because of this, the art and cultural artifacts of the nature beings realms have become visible in our world.

Large Beast

Digital technology – cameras and computer image processing programs – are recording these images, which humans have been culturally conditioned to ignore. In a reverse process, technology is overcoming human perceptual glitches, revealing the existence of realities previously ignored, denied, or ridiculed.

These digitally recorded images are harbingers of a post-humanist planetary culture. As we can see is already dawning, future society is going to more accepting of the wide variations of consciously sentient life forms and life styles that co-exist on earth.

Glitch ecology art emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting the intelligence and contributions of all forms of life.

My nature beings photography is composed of the “glitches” I have discovered over twenty years of exploration. These photographs are minimally processed via digital computer programs, primarily Adobe. My artistic goal is to accurately solidify the nature beings image so that it can be clearly seen by human beings. My social goal is to raise awareness about the interconnectedness of all earth’s lifeforms, with its potential for intelligent cooperation in resolving our current cultural and ecological crises.


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