Collin Chambers

Collin Chambers is most at home in nature, so much so that she has made working within nature her life story, her source of income, and her service to the world.

Collin leads wilderness treks around the world, focusing on both practical skills and mysticism. She is a NOLS-certified Wilderness First Responder, a Backcountry Survival Instructor, and a Leave No Trace Master Educator. (NOLS is an acronym for the National Outdoor Leadership School.) She is the author of the award-winning book Wildwood Magic: Walking as a Sacred Path.

The Trek from Diamonds to Nature Beings Photography

Collin has a rare combination of mainstream education and esoteric training. She is a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist and for a number of years worked in her family’s diamond business. But looking at a serious weight situation, she began daily walking, losing over 100 pounds. This process transformed her life. She left the family business, opened a successful outdoor gear shop and eventually closed that to focus solely on facilitating workshops and events. Now, she says, she works to inspire people “to find health and happiness through the simple act of taking a walk in the magic of nature” …that’s either locally in the Asheville NC area…or on a longer trek say through the mountains of Nepal!

Collin has travelled to study many of the major esoteric traditions and has been ordained in several of these disciplines, ranging from becoming a Usui Reiki Master, an Ordained Minister, and an Ashtanga-Vinyasa instructor. These traditions all include an acceptance of the sentient nature of the universe, and the existence of complex lifeforms in other dimensions. So it’s a natural evolution for her to photograph images of these beings as they appear in the trees and rocks she encounters on her treks.

Collin has a playful sense of humor, and this joy in living can be seen in the nature beings personalities she chooses to photograph. They are all joyful in their own right. Shown here are some of her photographs.

How to Contact Collin

Collin shares her nature photos, and her esoteric knowledge, via her website and social media accounts. You can connect with her via her website, on her facebook page: or on Instagram:  You can also reach her by email at



    • Thanks, Collin. You are a lovely subject to write about. Keep up all the good work!


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