diagram of Nature Beings Family in a Sweet Gum Tree

Nature Beings Family in a Sweet Gum Tree

Here is a portrait of a nature being family whose home address is a sweet gum tree. The tree is on a back path at Stoneleigh Natural Gardens, Villanova, PA, at the crux of the main path and a side path that leads to the stone remains of a small home, probably belonging to a long-ago estate worker and his family. This gentle, peaceful nature being family now happily occupies the area.

sweet gum tree at Stoneleigh Natural Gardens

Seen on the far right is Dad – an elegant horned being with a kind smile. Next to him, to the left, is his wife – a gentle full-faced woman with very long bangs hanging over her eyes. Below left of the wife is a child, lips pursed and kissing her mother.

Sweet Gum balls

They live in a sweet gum tree – a North American tree with distinctive burrs, often painted in grade school as a Christmas decoration and known in esoteric circles as “witch balls” said to have protective qualities. Native Americans made a tea of sweet gum to soothe nervousness.


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