Gingko Tree Journey

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Gingko Tree Spirit

This gingko actually resides on a small patch of land in an apartment complex parking lot. He lives in a relatively busy area of people and cars coming and going, in an area the land still remembers as once being open fields and forest. He has manifested himself as a deer spirit on alert (ears forward) indicating the need to protect himself in his location…and expressing his identification with the plight of the over-populated woodland deer community nearby, who are hunted each fall…

He also reminds me of the Na’vi of the Avatar series – those tall beings who live in harmony with nature.

Below is a tryptic whose subject is this brave gingko tree (right).

I have been thinking about the advances in digital photography that would allow me to take my friends the trees for journeys into different locales. So this seemed a good “what if” time – What if I took my gingko friend for a journey into the woods nearby, where it is peaceful and the deer roam free?

So I did. I created a tryptic showing my gingko friend in his actual parking lot home (left), the woods nearby (right), and in the center – my friend visiting the woods.

I call this adventure “nature beings art photography” as it is an artistic creation with a photographic base. Let me know what you think of this type of visual adventure…


  1. What a lovely idea. It makes you wish that it could actually happen, because that is where that deer needs to be. It’s kind of the difference between an animal in a rescue shelter vs. being in its “happy forever home.” You’re so creative and alive Atala; thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thanks for your observations, Sandra. I am very pleased that this artistic/energetic concept is resonating with people. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now – sorta helping out a friend, to me. Thanks also for your personal compliment 🙂


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