Celebrating Our lst Anniversary…20% Off Gift for YOU

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Here’s a gift for you – a week-long 20% discount on all products*, as we celebrate the lst Anniversary of our redesigned and expanded Nature Beings website.

And a BIG Thank YOU for your interest in knowing about, and seeing, images and information about the many types of sentient life forms who co-exist with us on Planet Earth.

So much untapped potential is coming forward now, as our society recognizes one disenfranchised group after another. Imagine what could be, if human beings recognized and worked with nature beings. In an era of ecological disasters…perhaps there is something we still need to understand about balance and positive use of our physical earth home.

A Twenty-Year Journey

My Friend the NH Gnome

Over twenty years ago the nature beings approached me, asking that I enter into a contract with them to take their photographs. What began, for me, as a casual agreement has grown into a deep respect for the intelligences, sophistication, bravery…and frustration…of the very real other-than-human realms with whom we co-exist.

And it has grown into a wealth of visual documentation of their realms, via the medium of objects that exist in both our dimensions: trees, rocks and plants. The nature beings, working in their dimension, sculpt their own images and stories into these multi-dimensional life forms – trees, rocks and plants.

This website contains a wealth of material about the worlds of other-than-human-lifeforms, which include nature beings. My thousands of photos of their art work shows where certain patterns occur, which in turn gives us insight into the types of beings and situations that realm is working with.

The Work of Other Nature Being Photographers

In addition to my own photography, I have begun a special photographic gallery honoring the work other photographers are doing in this field; please check it out, and do contact me if you feel your work warrants inclusion.

I retired two years ago and shortly thereafter began working with my wonderful website developers, eNet Web Services (I highly recommend them!) to redesign my personal art website into what you see today.

It’s time to say thanks to everyone who is part of this adventure. Thanks to my web developers. Thanks to all the Camera Clubs, Art Associations and Galleries from whom I’ve learned, and with whom I’ve exhibited and shared. Thanks to you, for your interest in this topic.

So…I challenge you to join me in learning about, communicating and cooperating with these significant beings, who hold information about how we can recover and enhance a healthy earth….

…And enjoy looking through all our discounted trove of information and images…we hope you find something to bring into your home and office.*

*The only items not on sale are the art work of other photographers in our public photo gallery, and our workshops which are held in conjunction with other organizations



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