Ausungate – Mountain Spirit – Andes

This photographer goes by only her first name – Meri. She is an accomplished practitioner of a variety of energy modalities, so it is appropriate that when her explorations veered into the realm of photography – she became intrigued with recording the presence of nature beings. These images now fill an entire room on her website,

Meri is especially fond of her photographs of the spirit of Ausungate, one of the most revered mountain spirits to the Incas. (See right.) She took these photos during her initiation ceremonies as a Paqo, a time when the mountain spirits are called upon and honored.

Stone Faces – Cusco

A Healer Photographer

Meri has a practice in New Jersey as a healer. She also teaches people to serve Kambo, which is an Amazonian method to treat physical, emotional and spiritual issues..

Born a gifted medium, she has been deeply connected to the spirit world since early childhood where she often communicated with non-human, inter-dimensional beings.

In 2009, Meri photographed her first nature being which was a sky spirit. That experience led her to explore being more in touch with spirits of the earth; in particular, nature beings. Since then, she has photographed many more sky spirits as well as trees, rock, mountain, and flower spirits.

Meri is a Inca Paqo (a shaman in the Inca tradition) where she utilizes her strong relationship with nature beings to help heal her clients.

Sky Spirit


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