Like many nature being photographers, Julie Weeden is energy sensitive and can read, see and communicate with subtle life forms.

Julie recalls having a natural childhood ability to communicate with nature. She forgot about this as she grew older. Then, over a short period of time, she suddenly awakened to the conscious awareness of the aliveness and sentience of all around her.  Shortly after this awakening she immersed herself in learning how to connect to and photograph nature beings. When she then went on a trip to California, “everything was looking at me. I couldn’t turn it off!”

English Stump – Julie Weeden

Coming On-Line

At the same time everything came on-line, Julie learned that she could read energy as well as see it in nature. The enchantment and magic that she and her brother had connected to as children, playing in their backyard in England, came rushing back and, being a photographer, she began focusing on capturing this in her nature photography.

Tree Being - Julie Weeden

Tree Being – Julie Weeden

Julie is an artist and intuitive and uses photography as her medium of choice for storytelling. She loves to be close to the earth; gardening and tending the land is how she spends her free time when she is not exploring it.

Julie Weeden

She emphasizes that her images “can be used for energetic healing, each offering a portal to connect with to transport you to a place of beauty, peace, calm and relaxation.” She encourages us to journey within her images “to bathe and heal in nature.”

Contact Information

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