How to Photograph Nature Beings – 2-Week Workshop

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There are just two positions open for this special two-week, 7-person Zoom workshop in which you’ll work with Atala to learn and practice Nature Being Photography and communication.

Our newsletter subscribers always get first dibs on special events – 5 workshop places filled immediately, with the release of June’s newsletter. CLICK HERE, if you want one of the two seats left for this exclusive group.

Thursday, July 20, 7-9 pm EST we’ll discuss how to identify with and photograph nature beings, and share any insights you may have acquired from your own work.

You’ll spend that week taking your camera/cell phone out into the field, find your own new nature friends, and send up to three photos to me, for a share/tell/learn session on Thursday, July 27, 7-9pm EST.

There will be opportunities for newbies and old-timers alike to learn and share. Cost is a minimal $40 for the two sessions and there is a seven person cap.

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Summer is a wonderful time to connect with the many beings who manage our natural environs. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to identify with the type of being you come upon in a tree or rock, how to shift your consciousness to communicate with different beings, and how to develop friendships that cross the dimensional divides. You will learn different photographic techniques and simple cell phone adjustments to highlight the best details of your nature being portrait study.






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