Tree Elves at Longwood Gardens

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A Gratitude Kiss

The nature beings love working in harmony with human beings, and you can find evidence of this symbiotic relationship throughout Longwood Gardens, Pa. For centuries, Longwood Gardens has been the site of strong human interest in creating a healthy and beautiful natural environment. Here is one nature being art piece extolling this partnership.

A Gratitude Kiss

Close Up of the Kiss

Sculpted onto a Japanese Cherry Tree at the end of Longwood Garden’s formal garden beds is the story of a masked wood elf receiving an appreciative kiss on his nose from a dignified woman. The message is that the woman was once deeply involved in the care of the gardens – probably the wife of a previous landowner. Below her is her pet dog, head facing us; and below the masked elf is his pet animal.

The wood elf can be seen accepting the woman’s appreciation, and also looking right, facing the garden path he is caring for.

Other Nature Beings


Like many such complex bas relief pieces, walking around the tree reveals other stories as well. These stories may morph in what we see, according to the time of year and day. Here is one such secondary scene, which I found a bit later in the season as I walked towards the tree from a different path and angle. Here is a very friendly nature being – no mask – looking directly at people, with arms open wide in greeting.

The friendliness of this tree is in keeping with the general energy of the formal garden. This garden is enjoyed on a daily basis by thousands of visitors. The staff at Longwood are diligent in keeping every bed beautifully tended, and change over the displays on a regular basis.

Cherry Tree at end of lawn area


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