Tera DeMarco – Serpent Mound Elemental

Tera DeMarco is a photographer of nature’s consciousness, a support facilitator in the Healing Arts and a spiritual seeker.  Connecting with nature’s realm for her has morphed over the years from curiosity to a hobby to deeper and deeper experiences with beings across dimensions. Communicating and photographing nature beings is a means for her to expand the super-sensory system and find union with the Earth in all spectrums.

Tera DeMarco – Rock Spirits

Tera shares: This creative expression of nature photography is truly stepping into a magical world in plain sight, a plasma field that connects heaven and earth.  Photographing nature beings is a sensing of the intelligence field beyond conventional definition and internally feeling the layers and layers of energy patterns longing to be remembered and decoded. I believe I am Nature, there is no separation; remembering this Truth is a journey into awakening and expanding consciousness. This is the space I hold and enjoy sharing through my photographs, personal stories and poetry, which I hope will offer others an experience of nature beyond the physical realm.

Tera DeMarco – Angel Rock Beings

My ancestors were shamans and indigenous Indians whose memories and wisdom teachings were lost and forgotten as the evolutionary demand molded modern society, erasing our connection to the wisdom of nature and our innate ability of non-verbal communication, a knowing through our super-sensory system of Wholeness and human individuality.  This connection and remembering guides my path in service and soul renewal.

Tera DeMarco

Tera lives in Loveland, Ohio.
Contact Tera at: www.awakenyournature.com
Email: awakenyournature@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Awaken Your Nature

**All photographs are available for purchase, please contact me for details**                

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  1. Thank you Tera for sharing. I’m glad you heard the call and kept listening.


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