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Guardian of the Wee People

The nature beings need to move back and forth from their realms to ours, to do their job then return home to relax. Their job is caring for solid nature, via many levels of energetic work. Relaxation comes in community events, held in their home frequency domain.

Portal for Wee People World

Who are Portal Guardians?

Guardians are needed to manage the portals between worlds, so that the wrong lifeforms don’t cross over, by mistake or for mischievous purposes. All portals have guardians; many place a portrait of its guardian somewhere around the opening. Portal Guardians are usually benign but obdurate. According to their task and their own personality, they can be pleasant to look at, stern, angry, or angelic in visage – qualities that match the needs of their assignment.

Wee People Portal Tree – Winterthur

Any opening on a tree becomes a portal into its energy field, and potentially into other worlds. This holds for limbs cut by humans, or removed by nature. These locations are something like a wound a human gets, that forms a scab to protect the spot…or like a rip in our human subtle body’s energetic grid that comes with emotional wounds that need to be fortified.

Azalea Woods at Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Azalea Woods in Spring

This beech tree lives on the tall, cleared hill at the back entrance to the Winterthur Museum and Gardens, DE, just below their magnificent Azalea Hill display. This area is kept clear by Winterthur’s gardeners, and the trees are all very tall beech, oak or tulip tree species.

In the nature beings’ realms, this is a gathering place for many species and all kinds of interactions occur in the area, including conflicts among their kind. There are a number of portal/gateways in this area, leading to the homes of different nature beings domains.

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