Fun Becomes Art – And Maybe More

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Here are some fun lazy-summer day camera shots of nature that lead us into the fairy realms and then into abstract art. They’re shown from the most subtle of moves to the wildest. The first photos are from the open sun and spaces of Illinois; the last takes us into the mystic redwoods of California…

Looking through the Veil

Just a slight movement of the camera, when shooting into the sun, creates this film of white light that makes one feel just a few steps more and you’ll pass through a dimensional veil into fairyland…

Forest Shadows

To the left is just slightly more of the same type of camera movement in a forest. We have seemingly moved deeper into entering the fairy realms and have not yet adjusted our sight. Although…is that a face from fairyland looking at us through the dimensional veils?

To the right is a more dramatic movement of the camera shooting through pines into a meadow just beyond – we’re now moving into the abstract realms of line and form.

Pastel Pines


Below left is a scene from the Redwood Forest of California. This is a world where deep shadows turn to purple and the sun shines bright and warm through the breaks in the forest foliage.


Below right is extreme movement shot inside the same deep sunlit forest you see top left.

Redwood Dreams

Forest Sun


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for your beautiful work with your “insight”s – with your words and photography!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to offer a comment! Appreciate your interest, here and on Instagram


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