Join Atala for her Workshop & Lecture – American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention

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I would so love to work with you in person, to show you how to communicate with, and photograph, nature beings.  Here are two summer opportunities in a beautiful setting.

I’m offering a 3 hour workshop and a 1 hour lecture – at the American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention, being held this year at SUNY Adirondack Community College, NY. This five-day convention brings a wide array of talents to discuss the many areas in which dowsing is an effective tool for everyday life. Dowsing is a skill used for everything from finding water to finding lost objects, children and treasure; and to the analysis of energy fields of humans and nature.

Here are the details:

Atala with Desert Spirits

Wed June 7 – 8:30-11:30am – ATALA TOY // Field Trip to Dowse For & Photograph Nature Beings
You will learn the dowsing protocols for locating & connecting to the realm of nature beings, who sometimes manifest their images and stories in trees and rocks. This half day class will start with the viewing of photographs of typical situations in which nature spirits are visible in our human dimension. The group will then go into the field to dowse for, and photograph, your own discoveries. You’ll need a cellphone camera or digital camera and stout shoes.

Fri June 9 – 2-3pm, Adk Hall 215 – ATALA TOY // Dowsing for Other-Than-Human Lifeforms
Learn to connect with the wide variety of lifeforms who co-exist with humans on earth, working from a base of safe, standard dowsing protocols. The focus is on nature beings, who sometimes place their address markers and stories in trees and rocks – lifeforms visible in both the human being and the nature being realms. You will view photographs of gnomes, greenmen, faeries, elves and learn the core principles of how to see, communicate with and photograph these lifeforms yourself.

You can learn more about the convention and sign up to attend at their website, Atala is a past vice president of the ASD.




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