How to Have Your Photos on the Nature Beings Photo Gallery

by | International Nature Beings Photographers

Do you want your photographs on the Nature Beings Photo Gallery webpage? Here are the instructions:

The Nature Beings Photographers Gallery is a public service offering. Its purpose is to assemble visual information about the intelligent lifeforms who co-exist with humans on our common earth. The more information we collect – the greater our authentic understanding can become. Your participation garners attention for you and adds information to this project.


The Nature Beings Photographers Gallery is starting as a room at my well-established nature beings website, .  The Gallery has its own url – . When the number of participating nature beings photographers has grown to sufficient size to garner visibility on its own, I will rotate the gallery to a stand-alone site.

To maintain project integrity, I will be curating acceptance into the gallery from those who apply. The criteria is attractive, clear images of nature beings and their artwork by photographers who have a body of such work and a place online where they can be contacted. If you have questions about your participation credentials, please contact me.

There is no fee to belong and you have the right to withdraw from the gallery at any time. You retain all copyright titles to your own work. Any sales inquiries go to your contact information and you keep all proceeds.

Each photographer has his/her own room in the Gallery. Rooms are arranged alphabetically by first name. Each listing consists of an index image with your name beneath it. Clicking on the index image reveals your information: 3 representative photographs, 300 words maximum of descriptive copy that includes your contact information, social media outlets, and any related books or product you provide. You have an additional 50 words for biographical information and a bio photo.

You submit the above information to me, I format the page and return it for approval. It then becomes a set information page that gets updated only if something major changes for you.

Photo information:

Send a maximum of three nature beings photos (the one you want for your cover image being in landscape orientation), plus a photo of you (if you wish).

The photos appear in standard clear but low web resolution and cannot be downloaded. A watermark is not necessary, but if you would like one and you don’t know how to do it – let me know and I can put a simple watermark of your name in the lower right corner.——-

Further details for those who do post-process their photos:

For optimum image reproduction: a .jpg that is 1000 to 2000 px long side, 72ppi. Any logo goes on the lower right or left side and is not overwhelming in size or boldness to the detriment of the photo. Name your photo file this way: Lastname-FirstInitial-Photoname

Contact me – Atala Toy – at with your material and questions.


  1. The complete story needs to be shared.

    • Yes, it is very important to share information about the complex, sophisticated nature beings realm. Thank you for doing your part.


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