March Newsletter Explores the Power of Images to Create Change

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Why are images so powerful? What is it that an artist, throughout the ages, has captured that so inspires others to pause, look, and absorb?

How do images change over time, and why do we seek the new while revering the old?

I posit it is because we trust artists to provide us with a visual coherence in our complex world. Out of the millions of bits of energy calling on us for attention, we trust the artist to isolate out the significant information, as a spokesperson for some point of view.

The craft of photography is similar, and in ways more complex, than that of the artist. The artist can pick and choose what will go into the image. A photographer is looking at a subject and figuring out how to isolate and focus on only a select subset of a broad range of frequencies. His/Her job is to use the camera, and post-processing technology, to present a coherent statement.

Eco Art: A Tool for Ecologists, Philosophers and Lawyers

This ability to connect to another frequency, and present that world to our world, is easily one of the essential tools in our current human efforts to avert the “Sixth Mass Extinction.”

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