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Species Loneliness and the Wood-Wide Web – this is the theme for January’s Nature Beings Newsletter. I discuss the new animism – a philosophy being embraced by some of the foremost universities around the world – and the growing awareness of the existence of intelligent other-than-human-lifeforms with whom we share this one earth. To read the entire newsletter, please click on this title – Nature Beings Newsletter . To receive my informative newsletter in your inbox, sign up at the bottom on this web page. When you do…you’ll also receive a special page of instructions on how to take your own nature beings photographs.

This month’s newsletter starts:

This is an inspiring and hopeful time to be actively involved in work with nature. So many disciplines are coming together, seeking to develop a common language that can be used to describe and work with the many other-than-human-life forms and communities who coexist with us on earth.

One situation we humans are experiencing now is a general sense of what some scientists are calling species loneliness – the sense that we are separated and alone. Counterpointing this is a growing awareness of nature’s mutualism and the existence of what some scientists are calling the wood-wide web – several complex natural systems by which plants and trees communicate with each other over long distances… here to read the rest of the newsletter


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