Beasties at Winterthur Museum and Gardens

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Beasties at Winterthur

Look at all the smiling woodland beasties who are saying good-bye to visitors leaving the Winterthur Museum & Gardens by the back entrance (photo to right)…How many can you find?

As seen here, nature beings will frequently craft their images into burls that emerge from tree trunks. These are often nature beings external to the tree being itself. They cooperatively work with the life force energy of the tree to craft living images into the trunk. The images may change over time. The images are often connected to the life force energy of the being doing the crafting, and signal a home address where the being can be reached and from which he/she works.

Bear-Like Beasties

This happy communal tree lives at the back exit to the Winterthur parking lot. The happy bear-like being is a common beastie I have photographed at several widely-varied geographic locations and in different species of trees. They are community-oriented beings who often sculpt themselves as part of a group. Here are two other bear-like beasties for you to enjoy:

Protecting the Humans

Three Friends


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