Beasties Along Bennett’s Run

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Beasties – my human description – are the beings who live in the lower frequency spectrums of the nature realms. Because of their residence in these darker frequencies, humans tend to be afraid of them, often calling them “beasts.” I like to use the term “beasties” as it creates a different, softer image of these beings.

Wirey beasties

Like all realms, this darker frequency has evolved many variations. These range from thin and wirey to rotund and stolid. These residents are different from the “dark forces” whose function is much different.

The Beastie realms contain beings who help ground consciousness for the rest of the nature realms. They are a dark underlying tone that, over the course of evolution, developed and filled that spectrum. They go about their own business, in their own way in their own world.

Dark forces

The Dark Forces realms contain beings whose job is destruction or alteration/distortion of form, ultimately in service to the one source as is all in existence. They are forces the rest of creation seeks to master, control, transform – and too frequently ignore. They present a counter-force that the evolving light pushes against to strengthen itself.

Beasties of Bennett’s Run

The beings shown here live in a well-developed beech tree burl, alongside a small creek called Bennett’s Run, in the Brandywine Valley area of Pennsylvania.

Beastie burl in beech tree beside walking trail

I especially enjoy this display because the beasties are so clearly happy in their own existence and their place in their small community. These are address marker images showing a group home. The beings live underground at this delightful scenic vista along the little stream. The energies here oscillate between very clean clear energy good for focusing (a result of the beasties activities consuming darker frequencies) and a heavy dark energy that is centered at the burl location (their personal energy).

Side view with twinkling eyes and a smile

A romantically intense, dark profile

Beastie in Tutu

My first few walks past this sight saw me hurry up to pass by, as the energy was uncomfort-able to be around. But my natural curiosity eventually came forward and I next began to study and then sit with this community of beings. Like many in the nature realm, they are excellent artists and images morph into other images with the slightest change of the viewer’s position. All images are happy ones (in their own frequency). There is one romantic male profile and one image of a beastie dancer in a fungi tutu.


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