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Lady of the Realm – Bison

You have a whole new category of nature beings to explore at my just added new encyclopedia category – The Ladies of the Realm. The Ladies each have a defined territory where they care for the comings and goings of nature’s animals and plants. They oversee the bringing in of new life, its sustaining, and its departure back to spirit. They are compassionate, caring mother figures.

The Ladies’ personalities are well defined in the images they have crafted into their home base tree or rock. These are not lovely maidens but mature women whose lives are recorded in their faces and form. Depending on their location, they are also known more specifically by such terms as the Lady of the Rocks, the Lady of the Forest, the Lady of the Woods and so on.

Lady and Bird

Lady of the Forest with Bison Spirit

New to my personal collection of Ladies of the Realm portraits is one I took recently at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA during their holiday lights festival (right). This lady resides in a sugar maple tree that lives beside a raised boardwalk through woods that border a verdant pond and large prairie area. A strong stream of energy rises from the crescent new moon symbol on her head.

Lady of Central Park

This Lady of the Realm is connected to America’s bison spirit. Seen here is her combined image of the two energies. A bearded bison spirit faces forward and also sideways left; this energy is topped by a protective mother figure with a new moon crown and flowing hair. She is sheltering both the bison and a baby who morphs out of the bison’s muzzle.

Lady of the Forest Birthing Forth a Baby Bird

My earliest portrait of a Lady of the Realm was taken at Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL. She has a lovely heart-shaped face and is birthing forth a baby bird. (left)

The Sorrowful Lady of the Forest

My saddest Lady of the Realm is one I came upon in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York City. This area has been dedicated to Beatles musician John Lennon who was shot nearby. The sad lady looks a lot like Yoko Ono. (right)

Head on over to the Ladies of the Realm encyclopedia room to see more images…



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