What Do You See? A British Officer or an Owl or…?

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Cavalry Officer

In this new blog series – What Do You See? – I am going to be posing a question to my readers…and I am looking to start a dialogue, the more diverse the better!

This Pennsylvania tree has been a puzzle for many people. We see different things. Some see a large owl. Others see British officers. There are many images in this sophisticated sugar maple.

This is the tree for our first dialogue. Share what you see and where. On my website – write a comment. If you are on Facebook or Instagram – respond there.

I was strongly directed to photograph this tree. But the story is so complex, it has taken me some time to work it out – and I keep seeing additional nuances. To me, the largest story is that the nature spirits are holding the consciousness of a young British Light Infantry officer and a crusty old British Sergeant in place, to harmonize them into the peaceful energy of the Brandywine Valley.  This is work the nature spirits have been doing since 1777, when the British invaded the Brandywine area, seeking to put down the American rebellion. But is that the story you see?

You can read the story of this tree in the information I provided on its product page – Infantry Officer





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