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Protecting the Humans

These are my truths and these are my stories, which I am sharing with you. These are stories that have been shared with me by our brothers and sisters of the nature realms. From my twenty years of photographing and communicating with nature beings, their stories have begun to shape a complex tapestry offering visual understanding of the nature realms.

We are meant to work together in harmony – the energies of the natural world and the humans who live on her. Human behavior long ago separated us from this realm. Our frequencies diverged. Some humans have always been aware enough to communicate with nature without seeking to control and manipulate. In today’s society, as our earth starts its upward cycle of consciousness, a growing number of humans are becoming aware of the living intelligence of nature and are seeking to connect and communicate. I am sharing my stories with these people.

Working with a Camera

My knowledge is not from book learning or established systems of logic. After much study of those options, I had to throw them away as being woefully simplistic and arrogantly human-centric. My knowledge is visceral, direct and experiential. I learn from behind a digital camera – a technical human device subtle enough to bridge dimensions. Sometimes my camera will see what I do not, until I study the image on the computer. Identification with that image helps me connect to new levels of the nature being realm and when I return to that site, I do so with greater awareness.

Hi There

I am sharing my photographs and my stories with you, that you may deepen your own conscious connection with this sophisticated realm in which we humans live. You may see images in my photos that I do not see. Trees are enormously complex and fashion images visible at different frequencies of what they see, feel and experience. Like Picasso, these images can fade, overlap and merge into each other.  It is a wonder of the digital camera that it records what is there. It is the consciousness of the viewer that identifies with a specific frequency.

When you are studying my photographs, you are on your own path of visceral learning. You are learning to adjust your perceptions and frequencies to those of the nature beings.

When You Connect…

As you set out to connect with these beings, I ask that you approach with an open mind. That when you discover an image in nature, you approach this discovery experientially. Is this image pulsing with life force? Can you communicate with it? Or are you experiencing pareidolia – the human tendency to find understandable forms in random patterns? Taking or studying a photograph enables you to study the situation in the privacy of your home.


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