Trumpet Flower Spirits

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Angel Trumpet Flower

Angel Trumpet Flowers (Brugmansia Suaveolens)  are so-called because people felt they resemble horns. Because the plant is of the poisonous nightshade family, the story became that these are the trumpets by which the angels summon dying souls to the spirit worlds. The flower is associated with angels with horns, such as Gabriel.

The angel trumpet plant is said to have originated in South America, where it is used as a hallucinogen, helping connect people to spirit voices. It has a heady nighttime scent (e.g. it works well in darkness).

Like many a plant who has strong positive and negative attributes, the angel trumpet flower creates a stunning display in a garden. It is a very aware plant – mature and poised.

Yellow Trumpet Flowers

I met these fine angel trumpet flowers at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA . It was a special event day, when the Garden opens for the evening. I was taking advantage of being there at twilight – when the veils between the world are thinnest – to practice communicating with plants. Flower communication comes from a different part of the brain than does my up-to-now specialty, trees and rocks. I wanted to practice expanding my abilities.

I had already found that  Longwood’s plants are so respected and admired by staff and public that the nature spirits are extremely strong and seek to positively interact with humans.

This trumpet plant heard the wish I had put out into the universe and as I stood admiring them, they responded that they would be pleased to communicate with me. There were three representatives – these three blossoms. They have very strong eyes and very individual personalities. They are relaxed and at rest – e.g. not yet preparing to go about their spirit work.

They explained that while the individual flowers do not last a long time, they are manifestations of a universal energy that runs through all their species’ blossoms. Each blossom has its own personality and its own contribution to the morphogenetic whole, fulfilling the duties of the plant and helping it evolve to meet its varying environments. The spirit of the species had focused inside these three, to communicate with me.

It was a joy to be with them. As I was visiting Longwood in the evening, there were not many people in this area, and we got to commune for quite some time.


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