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Imagine – Strawberry Fields

John Lennon was one of the most loved musicians of modern times.

Here’s a story of how both humans and the life forms of the more rarefied spirit dimensions admire him and what he represents.

These are images from the John Lennon memorial site in Central Park, New York. It is located in Strawberry Fields – a favorite spot of his, just opposite his home in The Dakota apartment complex.

As a unit, the images create a compelling story of the intelligent, conscious, combined love of many beings of many dimensions for this unique musician. Let’s look at some of these parts.

Panorama of Imagine

Imagine All the People…

Above right is the memorial plaque, hand-selected by his widow Yoko Ono and the City of New York. It rests at the center of a power point where a triangle of paths come together.

It contains the title of one of his most powerful songs – “Imagine all the people…Living all as one…”

Most mornings you will find the memorial has been swept clean of mementos and a perennially present fan has placed a flower and a commemorative note.

As the day rolls on, more and more locals and visitors come to the location and leave their own notes and flowers and have their photos taken.

Group Around Imagine

This leaving of mementos has been occurring for some forty years now, since Lennon’s untimely death.

During this time the nature-created images shown here also evolved. Why did this occur? Did the spirits respond to the devotion of the fans? Or did John Lennon love the area so much because of its rich spirit presence and the nature spirits, like humans, wanted to honor this special man with their own memorials?

The Lady of the Forest

Lady of Central Park





At the other end of the path, at the exit point from this area, stands a wise, solemn and sad Lady of the Forest. The ladies are in charge of the comings and goings of all the beings in their domain, in this case the Strawberry Fields area. This lady looks remarkably like the energy of Yoko Ono – John Lennon’s widow – and perhaps it is a memorial to her. 

There were strong intellectual and sexual components to the relationship of John and Yoko and you can see both these qualities this memorial. The lady is sad with a long, exotic face. She has a flame of wisdom rising out of her crown chakra. This is a classic visual symbol that signifies a wise person.

The Lady also has a prominent base chakra displayed full frontal, and it is leaking the tree’s life blood – its tears and energy. The base chakra is the relation of a life form to the universe, and this was severely damaged for Yoko, and for all of us, by the senseless nature of Lennon’s violent death.

The Lady is in command of the entire swath of lawn between her and the Imagine memorial. In this swath of lawn there are several trees with memorial images and two memorial bas relief sculptures – one from the stone world and one from the tree world.

This is the address marker for the Lady. Her energy pervades the area and it was her tenacity that organized the nature spirits to craft their memorial. Should this tree be cut down, her energy would simply select another tree as her home base and anchor there. That is – she is not a site-specific spirit.

The Musician and the Nature Spirits

This image, lower left, is the view from the Lady out across the lawn to the memorial area, back left of the image.

View of Field from the Lady

Jam Fest

At the far end of this lawn area, parallel to the memorial itself, stands a unique tree with multiple images in it (right). This includes a complex collection at its base. You can see here a long-haired musician who, like the eternal Pan, is playing a flute and through his music has entranced a wide array of life forms. The images include animals (a rabbit and a bird), nature spirits (a gnome and, up high, the face of the residing tree spirit) and humans (a whistling preppy).

The Memorial Stone Bas Relief

The memorial “natural” stone sculpture in the middle of the lawn has the face of a handsome young man of the front side and on the back side shows the full body, with extended arm. It signifies the musician’s energy rests here.

Prone Body

Bas Relief Head













The Olympic Victory Torch


Relaxing in the Park

Victory Torch

Looking straight back onto this lawn area from the paved path, you can see how the field extends. On most sunny summer days you will find several people relaxing and absorbing the sun and the energy of the area, as they are doing here.

On the back far right of the scene shown just above, you find the tree memorial that marks the back side of the Lennon area. You can see the tree close up, to the right. It features a prominent wood bas relief of an Olympic Torch. The long sconce, large flame and long smoke plume signify the strength of John Lennon’s achievements. He was of Olympian proportions! From another perspective, not seen here, this image also looks like a long-beaked bird and signifies the musician’s return to spirit.





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