The Elf realm is very broad and with many variations. These include the delicate small elves, the masked warriors, and the senior leaders. These mature leaders, like many in the human realm, can have a strong muscular commanding presence and are stouter of build. Here are two I’ve photographed, both in Colorado. (Note their pointed Elf ears and sharp elfin profiles)

Elf Chieftain

To the left is an Elf Chieftain who lives at Rainbow Curve in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. He serves (and admires and loves) the Lady of the Rocks (whose living image is on a cliff face opposite him). The Lady’s responsibility is to oversee the comings and goings of nature beings in her realm.

The Elf has a handsome short-haired aide de camp attending him (just below his profile). This Elf Chieftain is a stolid, muscular compact nature being, well into his mature years, which would be hundreds of years in human time. (You can read more about this Chieftain HERE)

Elf Elder









To the right is an Elf Chieftain who lives about twenty miles away and whose headquarters are in a cliffside next to the beautiful St. Catherine’s Chapel on the Rock. Although solemn of feature, he has a slight smile. He surveys a meadow and forest area. He is a mature solid elf also, in human time, hundreds of years old. (You can read more about this Chieftain HERE)

Living Art

These chieftains have crafted a physical image of themselves in solid rock. This is their anchor point, a living representation of their energy and responsibility. From this point a web of energy spreads out into the surrounding area. Any occurrence of an unusual nature would be picked up by this net and would call the chieftain immediately to that point, to deal with the situation as best he and his community are able. He himself wanders freely about. This is living art, as practiced by the nature beings. It is alive, contains and projects energy – a feat our human artists have not yet mastered.

You can see more elf photographs in the room dedicated to them by clicking HERE.


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