Nature Spirits of Rainbow Curve – A Love Story

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A large community of nature spirits lives at the scenic Rainbow Curve, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Their presence is strong and varied, and a love story connects them all.

But which came first? The nature spirit presence – recognized subliminally by humans, who put a rest point there – or humans put a rest stop at a sharp turn point on the road and the nature spirits rallied round? 

View up to Rainbow Point

Rainbow Point Vista

As you approach Rainbow Point from the west Granby entry side, you see this panorama (above). This point is the tallest in the area and requires travelers to pass through it on their journey. Being so critical to navigation, a lot of energies are on hand and close to our dimension.


Side view of cliffs

You start seeing these spirits as you move closer to the area. You can see its series of sentries watching the valley below. (right).

Fierce Protectors

At the pass itself, visitors park their cars and walk about. There are a number of nature spirit sentries on guard as well as numerous services and protections from the Park’s human protectors. These objects are here to protect both humans and nature, as this is a very sharp turning point in the road.

I like to park here and walk up to the cliff formation, which currently is behind a lot of construction gear as the Park’s human protectors work to stabilize the steep roadway.

As you come closer to the cliff formation, you see these protective spirits. (below)

Road Guardians


Up high looking down over the road is a strong figure who looks like an old-fashioned human aviator, his goggle pushed up on his forehead. (left below)

Mayan Profile

On the right is a large boulder with a Mayan profile with its recurring square hat – still haven’t learned why that appears in these grid images I’ve encountered numerous times throughout North America. There is a Mayan-style dragon head below it. This beacon indicates a nodal lockpoint on the Mayan grid.

Scenic Draw

A faery elder (left) looks admiringly at the Lady of the Rocks, who is surveying her mountain domain.

There is a spectacularly rich array of nature spirits in the rocks cascading down to the right of the road, featuring a very steep passageway through the middle. 


Love Story

The Lady looks out over her mountain domain, accompanied by her attendant dog

Elf Chieftain

What intrigued me first about this location, and still does, is the love story – the elfin chief on the left who loves, admires and protects the Lady of the Rocks on the right. The elfin chief is accompanied by his military chieftain (below him) and the Lady is accompanied by a sharp-nosed crone (or perhaps a dog?)(below her). The elf chieftain loves and is in service to the Lady of the Rocks, while the Lady loves and is concerned with the welfare of the valley below, and of all the comings and goings of nature in the area.


Here they are, permanently protecting the draw between them – the elf connecting all of his kingdom’s forces to the Lady energetically and the Lady sending her energy out to the nature of the area. A love story on many levels! Their success, for the area, is memorialized by the winged victory symbols seen top left and right.




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