My Friends the Gnomes

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My Friend the NH Gnome

Gnomes are the friendliest of beings. I’m very fond of them. No matter where I travel, there is often a gnome in residence who makes his presence known to me. 

Gnomes are excellent beings to have in residence at a home. They are hard working and like to keep things in order. They are good luck for whatever area they call home. 

Gnomes know the workings of the nature world and are all for sharing their knowledge with others. Gnomes are very good at grid construction – that is, setting up alignments on a property to keep all orderly and in place. They are friendly, non-aggressive and communal.

Gnomes will frequently place their portraits in the trees or rocks of a location. This serves as an address marker, notifying other beings of their territory. It is also a frequency buoy. Like many in the nature spirit world, this image anchors this gnome’s particular “net” of responsibility, alerting them when something occurs within that field.

Gnome of LeRoy Oakes

Gnomes love the underground and are very grounded and anchored and so their images will very often be seen at the bottom of a tree as it rises from the ground. They are usually seen with their identifying pointed hat.

From my many gnome photos, I’ve selected three to show you. Each one has a distinct, and different, personality. 

My New Hampshire Gnome

It was the resident gnome (top right) at my family’s summer home in North Conway, New Hampshire who took me for my first nature spirit photography outing. He showed me a small village of moss fairies. You can see those Moss Fairy images in the Faery Realms art gallery. He is a wonderful country gnome, with a full beard, pointed hat and happy personality. His smiling portrait is in a large pine tree who lives just behind my cottage and oversees the area. There are portraits of others in his community in other trees around the cottage. 

Gnome of Garden of Gods

The Convent’s Gnome

To the upper left is a portrait of an older gnome who lives in Illinois. He created his image address in a large tree that overlooks a small, peaceful pond and is down the hill from what used to be a retirement home for nuns. It is now a nature center located inside LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, Illinois. This gnome’s personality is quieter and more somber. He has a beautiful full beard, pointed hat and “old people” slanted eyes and bulbous nose.

The Red Rocks Gnome

This gnome carved his address on the back side of the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Vision Quest site I previously showed you. He is part of a collection of nature beings who contribute to the multi-faceted powerful energy of this area. Although it is fairly unusual to find a gnome so far above ground, he is clearly the capstone of a column of rock energy rising up from the earth. 

This gnome has wide open eyes and the alertness of someone on active duty. Note the other spirits in his collective, which include to the far left a cliff with a somber hook-nose Indian and a warrior elf.

If you’d like to share your own nature spirit photos with others, head on over to the Nature Spirits group on Facebook.




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