King of the Cats – An Ironwood Story

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Australian Ironwood specimen

Australian Ironwood is an amazingly complex metamorphic stone whose colors range from deep reds of iron ore to the subtle variation of yellow tiger’s eye. Stone sculptors love working with this complex stone, especially finding optimum design slice views they then incorporate into large or small stone assemblages. (right)

Cat King in Ironwood Specimen

The Cat King

I’ve enjoyed this photo of Australian Ironwood that I took of a specimen many years ago. It was only recently that I turned my photo around – and discovered a noble Cat King. He is dressed in long robes, standing on an Australian Ironwood dais containing three cats eyes with other eyes in the firmament around him. (Left)

It seem appropriate for a king of cat to be seen in this specimen of Australian Ironwood, which contains a large amount of Tiger’s Eye mineral.


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