Guardian of Sheldon Church

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This image is of the Guardian of Place of Sheldon Church, a gentle monk-like being who does his best to re-establish harmony on the grounds of this architecturally beautiful church that was twice burned to the ground in wars that passed through the area.

This Guardian lives in an ancient live oak positioned at the entry way to Old Sheldon Church, Beaumont County, South Carolina.

Guardian of Sheldon Church

Guardians of Place have the responsibility to keep matters energetically aligned in an area and to protect a site to the best of their ability. 

Guardians can be of the spirit world or a human who has died but remains on the earth plane to care for a special site.

This is a “place marker” image of the site’s human Guardian of Place. Such an image is like the address or signature of a spirit who moves about a site. If that marker is destroyed, the spirit simply moves his signature to another location.

The Guardian has a monk’s hood and oversees the ruins of a famous church that dates back to 1745. (See below)

Sheldon Church

The portrait study above left shows the Guardian in front of the ruins. The wash texture on the portrait study includes a segment of the white plaster interior that still remains on the brick walls.

The Guardian is accompanied by a cat companion whose image rests on the Guardian’s cheek. The somber face of another spirit can be seen just above the Guardian’s head.

The exquisitely constructed Sheldon Church with its massive columns stands in elegant ruins now, having been burned down first by the British in the Revolutionary War and then by the Union Army in the Civil War.

Guardian Tree Sheldon Church




The Live Oak stands at the entry path to the church, overlooking and protecting it. The Guardian’s face inclines down, at this angle, from one of the Live Oak’s massive branches.


Tree and Sheldon Church






  1. Incredible Capture! We are so blessed to be able to see and learn from you ❤️

    • Thank you, Joy. And I am so blessed to have both humans beings and nature beings as my friends.

  2. Awesome photo and Spirit!
    Thank you for teaching and sharing your knowledge!

    • Thanks so much, Judy. I love sharing stories about my nature being friends with my human friends 🙂


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