An Amused Homage to a Bird-Chasing Dog

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A very specific dog loved chasing birds, back when Longwood Gardens was a private estate. His antics amused the nature beings, who sculpted his story into this old cherry tree.

Dog Who Chases Birds

The foremost image here is a specific startled bird, feet splayed wide in flight mode, peeking around the tree to see if that dog is anywhere around….

…he is, sitting smugly lower right, jowls set and eyes fiercely focused, waiting patiently and alertly for his target to appear.

Just to the left of the dog, the nature beings sculpted his fond owner – a man in a knit hat, affectionately kissing the dog.





The nature beings at Longwood Gardens are especially fond of dogs, and have sculpted portraits of specific dogs around the old DuPont homestead area.

Seen to the right is this cherry tree in its current environment.

Below I’ve outlined the nature sculptures, for your viewing clarification, as nature sculptures are more subtle than many humans are used to observing.

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  1. Hi. I really like the whimsical nature of the bird in this photo.


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