Tree Spirits and Snow Geese

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Profile of nature spirit in dead tree in woods at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. As shot, increased contrast.

I traveled to see the snow geese migration at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, Stevens, Pa. It was impressive, and although I visited after the main migration was over, there were over 15,000 snow geese flying into and out of the large lake of that area, along with thousands of swans and duck.

I must confess I was travelling with birders and wildlife photographers who had long lenses to drool over…

But I photograph trees, and it was really them I went to visit; here are two I met…

Tree spirit in dead tree with llarge eyes and long nose at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, PA. Clean up and contrast adjustment.














Below are panoramic views of the Snow Geese. Left: A murmuration of geese – any cause for alarm would send the geese into a sweeping flight, before settling down again. Right: The geese were flying into the lake by the thousands. An impressive display of bird power!




Large number of Snow geese flying into lake at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in March migration. As shot.

Snow geese murmuration during March migration. Lake at Middle Creek Wildlife Management area. As shot.


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