Spirit of a Grand Sycamore, Pennsylvania

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Grand Sycamore Face

Sycamores are the magnificent native display trees in Southern Pennsylvania. Since moving here from Chicago – where Burr Oaks dominate the winter landscape – I have come to enjoy the winter display of the sycamores’ dappled upper-limb bark and ornate branches.

Guardian Spirit

Grand Sycamore at Old Farm












Little Brother



Shown to the right is the Guardian Spirit of a Grand Sycamore – one of the largest sycamores in Pennsylvania. He lives on an 1800s farmstead and this tree is much loved and admired by generations of the farm owners.

This spirit is protective, kind and gentle. He is looking down at a heart-shaped small animal who is emerging as a voice of the spirit, from the spirit’s mouth. There is a large hole in this tree where the three trunks come together, and it may be that the tree has housed this type of small creature in that protective space.

This sycamore lives on a gently sloping hill and has been favored over many generations to host summer picnics of happy humans.

Little Brother

Down the hill from this Sycamore is a second one, around the same age but smaller in size – the little brother. It is clear this sycamore is a wee bit jealous of his big brother… He has the intense energy of the underdog seeking to make it into the big leagues, and is seeking to reach out energetically via the root hand beneath his mouth.




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