Travels of a Pitcher Plant

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Lil’ Fellow

Pitcher Plant Vines

Pitcher plants are happy folk, delighting in fast-growing curling vines that do double and triple loops and put forth an occasional giant flower. A small reddish-brown spirit takes each tendril on its own joyful travel through time. Green curves and curls play gracefully and last year’s growth becomes a small brown sculpture.


Pitcher Plant Spirit

Pitcher Plants bloom indoors about the same time as the February Orchid Shows that are a favorite of Botanical Gardens. Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, has their well-developed display located in the children’s area. The children are joyfully running about through lush floral displays, delighting in playing with fountains and sculptures. The pitcher plants enjoy their happiness, and respond…

Pitcher Plant Home





Visiting with a Friend

Last Year is a Sculpture




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