Rock Whisperers

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This is a recurring theme in rock art – a two-tiered rock formation of heads – representing the physical being and the “inner self” with a third rock being whispering in the ear…

Whisperer of Quail Springs

…and what is being whispered? Something good? Something tempting? Something negative?

This rock sculpture is located at Quail Springs, CA. The top head on the left can be viewed two ways: a profile facing front and a full face looking at the whisperer.

That interdimensional acknowledgement of influence by others’ voices is seen here. It is also seen in the sculptural ensemble below, where the inner beings of two rock forms are gossiping with each other. These folk live at Chiricahua National Monument, AZ.

The Whisper










Top photo by Brian Toy. Bottom photo by Atala Toy.


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