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Rock Spirits at Cherokee Falls, GAMy younger son, Brian Toy, is a born wanderer. He and his partner, Betsy Schurmer – also a wanderer – are traveling around the USA in their RV. Brian tells me they are now my roving reporters and they send me the occasional rock and tree being images they come upon in their journeys.

It’s great fun to see the nature beings of various locales around our big country – how they reflect local history, how they are the same everywhere. 

These images are too good to keep to myself so I’ve started a special room for your viewing pleasure – Brian’s On the Road Again.

Cherokee Falls

Here’s a Spirit Rock at Cherokee Falls, Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA. In the closeup of the rock, you can see two Cherokee profiles at the left back, housed inside an animal spirt totem (face and legs seen front right).

Rock Spirits Close Up

These images are not for sale – just for viewing fun, and as a way to expand our common knowledge of these sentient beings with whom we human beings share our common earth.


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