Beech Burl Spirits

by | Dark Forces & Grumpy Beings

Beasties in a Beech Burl

Burls are wonderful canvases for nature spirit artists! Currently, human scientists are not able to describe the full range of possibilities of origin and growth of burls, which are an integral part of a tree’s being. In nature spirit terms – a lot of these burls are the result of fashioning the tree’s living tissue into images that, like here, sometimes tell a story.

Here is a beech tree burl that has interested me on my walks through the woodland paths near my home. I’ve done a number of photographic studies of the burl, over time, and it took me some time to identify with the artistic intent of the nature spirit artist. 

But here we are – the light was just right and thanks to Photoshop I was able to lighten the brooding darkness to show the details. 

Images in All Directions

Faces in a Beech Burl

This art piece is alive. It contains quite a number of images, ranging from small to large and, as with many nature spirit artists, the images very subtly merge one into another. This is a favorite art technique of tree artists.

The burl has eyes and faces turned in three directions as it warily surveys all who pass by. This tree is inhabited by forest beasties – darker energy beings who are very happy in their own society. You can see that here, in the facial expressions.

A small being (top left) is happily dressed in a fungi tutu – she reminds me of Princess Fiona, of the Disney Shrek movies…

Burl Face from the Side

This beech tree lives along a curve in Bennett’s Run creek, whose flow varies by the season. Several of the beech tree’s friends – seen right – have already fallen and this tree is determined to stand as long as it can, although its incline is getting more pronounced.

Beech Burl in the Woods



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