The Beauty of A Solitary Tree

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Why is the sight of a solitary tree on an open stretch of land so popular? Perhaps because it represents the solitary stand against the forces of nature that is common to all life forms. Solitary trees who have endured both harsh and gentle conditions and have grown strong and beautiful through it all are especially powerful images.

Here are three I especially enjoy.

Lone Tree on Hill at The Laurel

Tree at The Laurels Preserve, Coatesville, PA

This tree (above) stands isolated against a long sweep of rolling grassy hills. It is young, strong and filled with the joy of spreading wide and free. The Laurels.

Lone Tree at Cheslen



Tree at Cheslen Preserve, Coatesville, PA

This tree (left)fills the landscape with its full majestic shape. Cheslen Preserve.







Tree at the Lake, Illinois Beach State Park

This tree (below) is warm, cozy and enjoying the strong summer sun from its home along Lake Michigan at the Illinois Beach State Park.

Summers at the Beach




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