Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me

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What the Nature Beings Have Shown Me – by Atala Toy…  

Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me Book

is my new book, just out, with over 120 color photos of nature spirits and three chapters of information about them and their society. There are three chapters:

Chapter 1 –  The Spirit of the Tree or Rock.

Like human beings, the beings of nature fulfil different needs. I discuss many of these roles along with showing photographs. These include the Wise Ones, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Guardians of Place, Protectors and Sentries. It also includes situations demonstrating Love, Happiness, Beings with Attitude, the Embodying of Earth Events to transform land, and Looking Pretty.

Truths Book Inside Spread











Chapter 2 – Nature Being Society.

Nature beings are a vast and varied species and just like human society there are many tasks that need to be performed. I’ve photographed, and describe, a number of these situations. This includes their gathering in community groups, their Judicial Councils, how they travel about including through the earth and through portals, how some serve as nodal points to anchor specific energies, how they help balance land such as after violent events, how a tree may seem dead but may have many still active spirits inside it, how trees and rocks protect other life forms, and how interdimensional beings can craft complex stories into trees, rock and earth. 

My Friend the Gnome

Chapter 3 – Species of Nature Beings.

I discuss how and why some nature beings carve their own images into rocks and trees. They may be doing this as their address marker or to mark a specific territory as being theirs. I discuss the Ladies of the Realm who oversee the comings and goings of all nature in their territory, who “familiars” are, and images of various species such as centaurs, pans, elves, green people, dark spirits, trolls, gnomes, goblins, nagas (snake people), ant people, faeries and fairies.



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