Holiday Spirits

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Christmas at Longwood

I went to photograph the holiday spirit at Longwood Gardens, PA – and spotted a lot more than the plants and the lights! These spirit beings popped forth and asked to be photographed as well.

Conservatory Celebrations

The extensive conservatory is fully decked out in a gorgeous array of flowering plants and trees. 

Enjoying the display is this small vineman, with his wonderfully ornate hooked nose.

Vineman at Longwood Gardens








DuPont Home

The DuPonts loved to sit on their back patio and overlook the descending hillside lawn.

Old Watchdog

Spirit Dog

This must have been one of their favorite dogs, who grew to a ripe old age, lying by this tree in retired old man splendor, eyes seemingly peacefully shut (left one) while part of him was keeping a watchful open eye (right one) on all the goings on. His spirit seems to have stayed behind, to watch over his family’s home.

Playful Dog

Dog at Play

Meanwhile – nearby in the woods the next generation of dogs –  playful and floppy-eared – enjoyed daily games of chase with small animals. They’d always disappear from reach inside this tree base opening. He so amused the tree spirit that it fashioned his image above the hole.


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