Black Locust Tree of Bucktoe Creek Preserve

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It’s always good news when a gnome shows up on a piece of property. It means the gnomes have decided to help out from their inner earth domain, adding their support to the land and its good human stewards. A gnome on property is good luck!

Black Locust Gnome

So I loved finding this somber gnome in an old Black Locust tree on my visit last week to the Bucktoe Creek Preserve. The image is his address marker – his door (portal entry) on this property.  

According to the Preserve’s website, “Bucktoe Creek Preserve is a 297-acre privately-owned natural area located near Kennett Square, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The preserve is not open to the public but can be accessed through educational programming hosted on the preserve by one of the Preserve partners, including Delaware Nature Society.”

Early Morning at Bucktoe Creek

I attended one of the DNS weekly bird-banding workshops. The Preserve manager puts up nets for a few early morning hours once a week in spring and fall and bands and catalogs small birds caught by the nets, then turns them loose. It is a way to track migrations and bird populations. This is an educational program that also teaches the public about such work. The preserve manager, tall and gentle, handles the birds so naturally that they are quiet and peaceful during his cataloging process.

Bird Banding

Of course I had to take a break and photograph some of the area trees. I discovered this was hardcore tree country, with very few people ever wandering through most of the land, and the trees were content to simply be – trees. 

Black Locust Elder

Black Locust Tree

But out in the rustic parking lot, near the original old homestead of the property, there was this large Black Locust who houses some energies significant to this property. All center around the themes of responsibility, personal strength and the struggle for freedom of thought.


Wolfman of Bucktoe Creek

Besides the gnome, the tree contains the address marker for a dignified, reserved wolfman – a being in mid-life strength experienced in working with the elements and conquering any discordant energies. 

Each area of the country has different species it favors and I have been photographing quite a number of wolfmen in this area of the Brandywine Valley. 

The wolf energy of courage, strength and independence while in community is strong in these parts.

The Scream

Doesn’t this look like the tree version of Munch’s The Scream?

This is a sympathetic image the tree spirit himself has fashioned reflecting a human situation that had occurred on this property.

Existential Scream

At sometime there was an elderly man who was associated with this particular location. He had balding white hair that stood up all around his head. He is covering his ears against the aggressiveness of a darker being who is mouthing words right into the old man’s head.

The old man was being either henpecked, hounded by authority figures or by his own internal angst. 

Time and space act differently in the nature beings’ realms and their help for the human beings’ realms can move forward or retroactively. 

Most humans don’t understand that all actions on a piece of property become anchored in the energetic grid of an area. This intense human situation had implanted itself into the earth grid. The nature beings are seeking to help the old man and also to correct the land energy imbalance. They have done so by calling into this Black Locust gnome and wolf energy to strength, support and balance out the energy of this important piece of property.


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