Elephant Strength

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Elephant and Mouse

Elephant images exist in stones and trees in many places. They are nodal points in a worldwide elephant energy grid. 

Although earth looks solid, this is the cumulative result of innumerable grids of active energy over-layering each other. Life forms, emotions and thoughts connect to like and what might start as a thin thread eventually grows into stout ropes shaped like nets. 

An extreme example of this is how Christianity started with the thoughts of one man but now is a strong presence that can be tapped into worldwide.

The same is true with energies like elephant, lion, monkey…these energies have existed for eons and have spread out across the globe, anchored in areas that may not ever have had the physical presence of the animal. But the anchoring means connection to that animal’s consciousness is easily accessible. 

At various points where the web connects down into the earth, it may do so through a tree or rock. Sometimes that spirit is made visible. Shown here are elephant images I have encountered in various places.

Elephant energy is courage, endurance, steadfastness and love of family. Good qualities to identify with.

Here are some favorite elephant images I’ve photographed:

Right: Elephant and mouse co-exist in the same tree. Large and small – timid and strong. It’s part of the harmonizing of opponents that the Fox River Valley nature spirits are intent on securing in their area. This tree lives at Island Park, Geneva, Illinois.

Jamaica Spirit

Left: Elephant totem hat on a Jamaican of African heritage. Jamaica, West Indies. Here the elephant strength and love of community is shown as the spiritual strength supporting the local people who work near this tree,

Warrior Elephant | Machu Picchu

Right: An elephant in military helmet is located at the back of the Machu Picchu, Peru complex. His strength forms the central part of the protective structure.

Below Left: This is the famous Elephant Stack, located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Its strength permeates the energy of this wild and rocky area. It interacts with water, the common component of all life.


Elephant Stack | Second Beach, Forks, WA

Elephant Spirit CO

Right: This is a very peaceful elephant who is part of a family community of rock beings. Estes Park, Colorado.

Elephant Spirit at Madison Falls

Below: This elephant (a root structure) is filling itself with the pure, peaceful waterfall pond energy, as do many of the visitors to Madison Falls, Washington.



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