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Angry Butterfly

Justice and mercy for the small, meek and misunderstood is the theme this large old Beech Tree has crafted on his personal canvas. He is expressing the dichotomy that exists for many beings who ponder action born from anger and action born from peaceful detached acceptance.

Not Happy At All

From its shape and size, you can see this tree started life in a clear setting that over the years filled in with invasive plants.

Angry Tree

Perhaps long ago, in the tree’s youth, some intense Quaker sat beneath this tree and pondered the theme of social justice. Or the tree absorbed the energy of the many sincere folks hiking past him over the years.

Trees are living sentient beings and they are often affected by what occurs in their area. Sometimes energies can so touch them that they absorb and express the experiences on their personal canvas – their trunk. This has occurred here.

Rings of Young Trees

Tree Spirit

The Beech Tree images include two of the tree energy himself. Seen straight on from the path is the tree spirit in detached compassionate wisdom mode. (Left) You see a large face with a portal at the third eye – an opening to inner safety for any beings who, like the energy the Portal Guardian image has crafted, are crying out for help. Images of beings can be seen as you adjust your sight while looking at the eye to the right and at the mouth. Like many of the other images on the tree, these life forms have crowns, indicating the nobility and leadership that is present in all the other dimensions that co-exist on our one earth.

Butterflies and Birds

The second image of the tree spirit himself is the one seen first and second at the top of this blog. This complex image is many things – an angry spirit with a fierce eye who is identifying with the gentle creatures of the forest and so can also be seen as a butterfly and in its center a butterfly man who is either running or dancing. Beneath the butterfly and protected by its wing is another creature of the air – a gentle bird’s head with large scared eye.

Today there are two concentric circles of smaller very straight beech trees around the main one, in a protective mode, like guards. In the photo to the right, you can see the inner circle and two of the trees in the outer circle. While the tree is in a scrub area, something from some dimension has walked up to the tree often enough to leave a faint pathway.

Mouse King and Queen

This grand old Beech has crafted many images, large and small, of various misunderstood life forms who are in need of protection. Among the numerous images are the following. (You can click on any photo to see a larger view.)

Mice and Other Small Creatures

Mice and other small creatures are often relegated to being pests who need to be removed from an area. But they also are life forms with their own purpose and society. On the right side of the tree (as seen from the path) are two very large images of mice, complete with crowns. You can see their features and also their royal nobility. They are the King (right) and Queen (left) of the mice realm. (Photo at left)

Wee People

Masked and Crowned

There are many types of wee people who live in the realms close to our human one. They have their own societies, personalities and homes – fashioned of the nature they live in.

The wee folk are often under stress from human actions that bleed into their dimension. Among the beings portrayed, see right, are a king in a hat, a skeleton with dreadlocks, a sweet female spirit with a full head of hair and a beastie.

Gentle Beast


Many of the life forms in nature have appearances with a different aesthetic than our human ones. Some of these visages are delicate and others are of a denser frequency. The ponderous nature of the clunky “beasties” is beautiful in their world but a bit frightening to humans. These beings are not afraid of, nor inclined to move out of the way of, humans who cross their paths. So many humans consider these beasties as energies they need to remove from an area. However, these beings have their own purpose in creation and the Beech Tree honors them as well. Below is a round-faced horned beastie shown front and sideways.

The photo lower right is of happy pointy-nose Wolfman beastie shown sideways with exposed chest and arm.

Small Beast



There are many cultures in this vast universe of ours and many beings who visit earth. We humans don’t choose to recognize them in everyday life although we love to discuss them in detail in science fiction and in such films as Star Wars. Shown to the left is an extra-terrestrial – another life form the Beech Tree feels needs to be recognized and respected. This e.t. is protecting yet another crowned life form, perhaps of a being whose origins were from the e.t.’s planet.


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