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Serpent energy is often present around Native American sacred sites. In the standing stone on the right you see a serpent head and on top of that an image of a Native American – the long ago occupants of this area of Rim Rock National Recreational Trail, Shawnee Forest, Illinois.

This is a preparatory alcove to the right of a Vision Quest Trail (as the nature spirits call it) that I have written about before in Vision Question Canyon. It is where a person would gather their thoughts before beginning the journey through the quest site.

In the photo below showing the Quest start, you can see this entry stone.

I was identifying with the spiritual power of this location and when I took this photo, I was connecting to the serpent energy. If you look closely, you will see that this stone is clear and focused. But the rest of the objects, before around and behind it, are slightly blurred. They are vibrating in a different frequency from what I was energetically focusing on.

Below are the three stages of the Vision Quest, which starts when one turns left at the entry to this area of Rim Rock.




Vision Quest I

Vision Quest II

Vision Quest III








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