Lady of the Good Templar Park

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Lady of Good Templar Park

A graceful, demure, traditionally-dressed Swedish lady is being protected by an earthy nature spirit. Together, they are the Lady of the Realm energy, overseeing the nature domains at the Swedish-founded Good Templar Park, Geneva, Illinois

The Swedish lady is entirely inside the white wood of the trunk – a portal or gateway to the Scandinavian spirit of the area’s early European settlers. She is wearing a long gown, has flowing hair and her face is at the very top of the wood portal area.

She has a very strong familiar – spirit protector – supporting her, seen side view at the right, with the familiar’s arms a cloak or wings surrounding and protecting the Swedish Lady. The familiar has earthy features and is solidly grounded, in counterpoint to the ethereal qualities of the demure lady.

Together, they encompass the qualities of the Swedish founders of this park that was for a long time a popular gathering area for Swedish peoples in the Chicago area.

Below is a closeup of the twosome’s faces.



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