French Colonial Tree | Morton Arboretum

This tree lives on a sloping hillside that leads down to the intimate Lake Marmo at Morton Arboretum. He has chosen to manifest, as images on his trunk, a number of the energies that have passed through his part of the world. 

These snapshots were taken at twilight – a time when the nature spirit frequency is closely aligned with our human one.

Images include a watchful face with a heart above. (right)

Two Heads | Morton Arboretum

He is expressing his love for all the many nature-oriented folks who stop for visits at the lake.

Portal Guardians

French Dandy – Long Vie

There are a number of images around the base of his trunk. They are clustered around a portal opening. This opening is formed from a cut off limb; the cut created a tear in the tree’s energetic integrity.

These life forms protect the portal opening. They remind me of energy of the beast in Beauty and the Beast and I have found this pairing in other trees on this property. They show two aspects of humans – their evolved gentleness and their beast-like nature.

French Dandy | Morton Arboretum

Here one image is of a French Colonial gentleman, with a fancy headdress and a mustache. (Shown full figure and close up.)

The other is of an elegant beast. (right)

On the backside of the tree is a magnificent large bird spirit, with a wonderful beak and ear-like plumes. (below)

Bird Spirit at Morton Arboretum





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