Spirit Tree with Masked Elves

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Many of us feel our spirit guides protecting and helping us. Some of us can see and commune with them. Sometimes, no matter how strongly we feel the connection, we question the validity of our inner feelings. Me, too.

Spirit Tree Close Up

That’s why, when some of my guides requested I photograph and study the beautiful honey locust that lives in my front yard, I was curious as to the reason. What an eye opener this exercise was.

There were images of some of the life forms who have conversed with me over the years. It was good to meet them “in person.” This experience has taught me that trees are indeed residents of the three worlds – upper, earth and inner earth. They therefore can be translators and pathways between these worlds. The images in their trunks can be signatures of the beings who utilize that tree as their road between dimensions.

A tree species qualities can also be a determining factor in what is occurring. This is a honey locust – its species energy is that of beauty, tolerance and protection. It is well suited to contain and ground these cooperative energies who are a part of my world. 

I’ve roughly graphed out the images present in this tree. To me, they are a wonderful gift enabling me to see in physical form some of the beings in my world, and a reassurance that these communications are valid and not imagination. A useful confirmation for the tough times when this is needed.

Masked Wood Elves

The masked wood elves are wise warrior leaders. I have photographed them in many locations. They are very tall, have pointed elf ears, wear hoods that are feather-like in construction, and have curved masks that partially cover their faces.

Spirit Tree Diagram

The two shown here are unusual in that their masks extend down to just above their mouths. Most of the other masked elves I’ve photographed have masks just over their eyes.

Spirit Tree Masked Elf

There are two masked elves here. One is very large (white pencil) and serious; his energy field merges with that of several of the other beings. One is much smaller (green pencil), is older and a very happy person.


There is a sweet feminine angel here (blue pencil) with very very large wings encompassing all the other beings. She has a very lovely, kind, smiling face.

There are specific and different energy qualities in each of her wings. On the left ifs a hooded monk or hermit (lavender). On the right is a buffalo spirit (lavender) guarding a portal/gateway. Buffalo spirit is sacred to the Native Americans, a very strong element in my incarnational history; the monk hermit energy is my personal orientation in this life. The angel is protecting and working with these energies.

Spirit Tree Angel

Spirit Tree Beings





Spirit Tree Protector


There is, below these beings, a strong protector energy. (pinks, reds, oranges and yellows). This is a smiling being who lives half in the spirit world and half in our physical world; one of his arms and shoulder are emerging from the nature spirit realm, the rest is still there. He is perpetually scanning the front of my house, and all the energies there; there are four faces that merge one into the other, going from far left (pink), front (orange), right (yellow) and far right (red).

And below is a long view of the tree.

Spirit Tree Long View





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