Faces in the Falls

by | Air, Wind, Water

There is a nature spirit ready to say hello, wherever in these waterfall stones you pause. This favorite stop of mine – and thousands of others – is the lovely waterfall near the Zen Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden.

Waterfall | Chicago Botanic Garden

This waterfall was constructed by humans for the sole purpose of delighting all with sound, smell, color, flow. It has achieved its purpose so well that the rocks of the waterfall have evolved into distinct and unique personalities. Over the years, many kinds of nature spirits have manifested their energies here. It is a stellar opportunity for nature and humans to happily interact.

Faces in the Falls

Chiseled Face at Falls

These are three of the photos I’ve taken of this site over the years. There are so many nature spirits visible that instead of graphing them for you, I just suggest you pause and look. 


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