Nature Spirits Log in Bluebells

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This compassionate log graces the woods at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, St. Charles, IL. Cascading down the hill around it is a carpet of bluebells.

Logman and Heart

Protection for Small Animals

In the middle of the fallen tree – its skeleton now the home for a variety of species – rests a somber but compassionate protective spirit. One eye is a well-defined heart.

Below him, on the downside of the hill, is the only bare spot around. Just perfect for a small forest animal to burrow in during winter storms. This is a protective spirit, offering love to the small animals of the area.





A Masked Wood Elf

Up the hill, the root of this tree is now shaped as a wood elf with a sharp nose, worthy of any of the fairy artist Freund’s detailed drawings of the elf kingdom. He is also quite happy on this sunny day!

Heart and Nature Spirit

Elf in Bluebells


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